Caffi V @ Gwledd Conwy Feast 2014


I’ve just returned from spending a relaxing weekend in my native North Wales, the first time I’ve been back there since becoming vegan. Growing up a vegetarian, I never considered it to be the most progressive of areas in terms of food and meal options for me were somewhat thin on the ground when eating out. So this weekend I never imagined that I’d be taken somewhere I’d be able to gorge on a load of vegan food!

My brother and sister-in-law took me to a food festival in Conwy, a walled market town along the North Wales coast. Situated in the grounds of a B&B, against the backdrop of the castle, was Caffi V, a volunteer-led vegan cafe serving up a range of plant-based, ethical foods. The beauty of this organisation is that their food was actually FREE; donations were all that were requested!







First of all, I virtually inhaled this delicious plate of vegetable korma and rice; it barely touched the sides!

The group had even created a clay wood-fired oven in which they cooked their vegan pizzas. Despite having just eaten a curry, I couldn’t possibly leave without having sampled some pizza!

Cashews and tapioca were blended to create the creamy, cheese-like topping, a refreshing change to soya cheese.

Great food, atmosphere and scenery made for a lovely afternoon. I might just have to start visiting the homeland more often now!


Vegfest London 2014


Last weekend saw the return of Vegfest to Kensington Olympia, a huge 2 day event for all things vegan and animal welfare related. As a vegan newbie, I was delighted to hear that such an event existed but wasn’t quite sure what to expect and I certainly didn’t imagine it to be so popular. I managed to drag my meat-eating boyfriend along; he’s fairly compliant when there’s any type of food involved!

Upon arrival, I was overwhelmed by the amount of stalls at the event, ranging from delicious smelling food to animal welfare campaigners and charities, I didn’t know where to start!






It was incredibly inspiring to see so many groups of people coming together for the collective purpose of trying to make the world a better place, one way or another. The Vegan Society was there of course, offering support and advice to current vegans, as well as those contemplating a transition to a vegan lifestyle. Additionally, Greenpeace were at the event, continuing to raise awareness of climate change and global warming.


Our advance tickets enabled us to pick up some freebies including granola, chia shots, yummy almond milk and not so yummy beetroot juice!



After a few laps of the venue, it was time to make the all important decision of what food to eat. There was almost too much choice for me to handle. I really wanted the tofu tikka masala from Ruperts Street but they’d sold out!

Whilst Tom opted for a Vietnamese baguette from The Hungry Gecko, I eventually chose some incredibly delicious Pad Thai from Bang Wok which left me ridiculously full!






With the food part out of the way, it was time for me to treat myself. I picked up this handmade organic lemongrass and coconut body oil from Heavenly Organics which does, in fact, smell heavenly!

I then came across the stall of a vegan hair salon, The Rabbit Hole, from west London. I purchased an organic hair treatment which seems to have worked wonders on my dyed hair.

Knowing that I’ve always been somewhat of a cat obsessive, Tom treated me to this cute scarf from the Mayhew Animal Home.

Before heading home, I grabbed a load of my beloved Nakd bars, as well as some vegan chocolate treats from Moo Free.



Finally, Tom and I couldn’t resist the cookie sandwiches from Ms Cupcake but we were far too full to eat them then and there. However they proved to be a wonderful evening treat, washed down with a nice cup of tea!

What a great, inspirational day it was which showed that veganism doesn’t have to be difficult at all and has such positive benefits to individual health, animals and the planet.

I’m looking forward to the next Vegfest event already!