Mushroom & Red Onion Jam Filo Parcels

Served as part of our Sunday roast dinner.

Last Sunday, I felt like spending the afternoon cooking up a tasty roast, something I hadn’t done since the start of the year! As much as I love a good nut roast, I thought I’d veer away from the predictable veggie centre piece this time and try something new instead. I was craving mushrooms and realised I hadn’t played around with pastry for a long time. I’d love to say I whipped up my own filo pastry…but that would be a lie! The ‘Jus Rol’ ready made pastry is super convenient and a valuable time saver. As mushrooms in pastry would have been rather bland, I decided to experiment with a red onion jam to compliment the saltiness of the mushrooms. My boyfriend grabbed these giant red onions from Chapel Market in Angel.

INGREDIENTS (4 parcels and 3 jars of jam!)
•2 cloves of garlic
•2 tbsp olive oil
•4 portobello mushrooms
•2 knobs of vegan butter
•4 large red onions, roughly chopped
•A pinch of salt
•4 tbsps brown sugar
•100ml red wine vinegar
•2 sheets of filo pastry

1) Pre-heat the oven to 200c. Heat the oil and garlic in a frying pan and lightly sizzle the mushrooms on each side until they begin to soften. Set aside on kitchen roll to absorb the moisture.
2) In another pan, heat 1 knob of butter and sauté the onions and salt on a high heat, stirring regularly. Once they have reduced and softened significantly, add the sugar and continue stirring until the sugar has dissolved.
3) Add the vinegar and cook for 20 minutes, gradually reducing the heat.

4) Use 1/2 a filo sheet per 1 mushroom. Place the mushroom on the pastry and place a spoonful of jam on top. Hold the corners of the pastry and twist, pressing down in the middle.
5) With the remaining knob of butter, heat and brush onto the parcels, before placing on grease proof paper and putting in the oven.

6) Cook for 15-20 minutes or until golden.

I served these with thyme roasted carrots, swede and squash, spinach, sweet potato roasties, stuffing and porcini mushroom and red wine gravy.



I’ve been left with ample amounts of the red onion jam and found it worked extremely well on top of one of my spinach and lentil harissa burgers.


Great versatility!


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