Vegetarian Breakfast: spicy avocado & halloumi on toasted sourdough w/tasty beans


A while back, I never would have considered having avocado and halloumi for breakfast. However, after having these as part of the vegetarian breakfast at the Pavilion Cafe in Victoria Park, I was inspired to make this concoction for breakfast last week.

I bought this delicious sourdough loaf from the Spence Bakery on Stoke Newington Church Street and gently toasted it under the grill.

I used very soft and ripe avocados (1 makes enough for 2 servings) and mashed a mixed it with a drizzle of olive oil, 2 pinches of chilli flakes and the juice of half a lime.

I spread half of the mixture on a thick slice of the sourdough, refrigerating the rest for the next day. I lightly grilled a slice of halloumi and placed this on top.

For the beans, I heated a tbsp of olive oil and added half a crushed garlic clove and pinches of cumin, oregano, paprika and cayenne pepper. I then added a can of chopped tomatoes and a can of drained butter beans (cannellini beans would also work well).

I left this to simmer on a low heat for around 15 mins, regularly tasting and adding more herbs and spices until I was satisfied with the taste. I added half of the beans to my dish and saved the rest for the following day.



To wash this down, I had one of my boyfriend’s delicious fruit smoothies that he made by blitzing some frozen mixed berries, tinned pineapple and a banana in a blender.


A great way to start the day and I remained full right up until dinner time…which is very unusual for me and my big appetite!

Next time I’m going to try a vegan alternative, replacing the halloumi with a grilled portobello mushroom!


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