Roast Dinner at The Talbot


There’s nothing I love more on a Sunday than spending the afternoon in a lovely pub with a glass of wine, newspapers and a tasty veggie roast, of course! Finding a pub that serves an adequate veggie roast can sometimes be difficult and I’m usually slightly apprehensive, concerned that the food isn’t as strictly vegetarian as I’d like it to be…

My worries were eased yesterday when I paid a visit to The Talbot, a cosy pub situated on a quiet street by De Beauvoir Town, just a stone throw away from the craziness of Dalston. They offered what was described as a vegan roast, with the menu clarifying that the gravy was also vegan friendly. Fantastic-after all, what veggie/vegan wants to worry about the presence of animal juices in their food?!

Along with the vegan gravy and delicious vegetables, the centre piece of my roast were smoked tofu and almond sausages which were clearly homemade and so wonderfully flavoursome. This was all topped off with what could only be described as the biggest Yorkshire pudding that I’ve ever seen! At £12.50, this was quite reasonably priced compared to some places in the Hackney area.

The Talbot have a terrace/balcony area where we sat to eat, perfect to bask in the sunshine and watch the world go by. I’ll definitely be popping in again for a Sunday roast fix.

The Talbot
109 Mortimer Road
N1 4JY



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