Just another veggie vent…


This morning I was about to embark on a 5 and a half hour coach ride up to Liverpool. It was early and I’d left my flat without eating breakfast but I wasn’t worried. After all, I was at London Victoria where there was an abundance of places to grab food. There wasn’t going to be a problem. Or so I thought.

I looked in Pret a Manger. I looked in Boots. Perhaps it was due to the fact that it was a Sunday morning but there just appeared to be no vegetarian food stocked. My last resort was Sainsbury’s. Even they only appeared to have the odd bog-standard cheese and onion sandwich. Then, hidden behind a load of baguettes, I found a vegetarian option that looked relatively tasty. ‘Goats cheese and grilled pepper ciabatta’. Those were the words exactly as they appeared on the label. I was in a rush for my coach and felt no need to read the finer detail on the label so hurriedly purchased it. As the coach moved through central London, I put my headphones on, admired the city scenery and tucked into my ciabatta. Then I tasted something. Could it be basil or dare I say it….PESTO?!? It was only at this point that I decided to check the label more thoroughly. There, in the fine print, were the words ‘with a creamy pesto dressing’. Given how hungry I was, I clung on to a glimmer of hope that this may well be vegetarian pesto. I desperately searched the packaging for that all-important green ‘v’ symbol. I did not find it. With a grumbling tummy, I had no option but to hand the ciabatta over to my boyfriend. With nothing else but a packet of crisps and bottle of water, my only saving grace was that from previous experience of taking the coach from London to Liverpool, they usually stop off at Lichfield service station. Of course on this particular occasion, they made no such stop. So that’s nearly 6 hours with virtually no food. And I don’t fare well when hungry, to say the least.

Now I wouldn’t say that I’m angry with Sainsbury’s. After all, the onus was on me, the customer, to check the label thoroughly before buying. Nevertheless, I just wish they’d state all the main ingredients in bold print on the label. If the label clearly stated that it contained pesto, I never would have purchased it. Given that most people do not even realise that pesto is not suitable for vegetarians , this label was quite misleading in my opinion. And that’s it. Vent over. Time to go and get some food…


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