Birthday Bloggin’


After launching a vegetarian cooking blog back in July and rambling on about it to anyone who will listen, it was only inevitable that I’d end up with some inspirational blogging material as birthday gifts!

From my good friend Lucy, I received a gift subscription for Cook Vegetarian magazine. I can’t wait to peruse all the tried and tested recipes, as well as reading all the veggie-related articles. This will definitely keep me busy in the kitchen over the next few months!


From my work colleagues, I received The French Market Cookbook by Clotilde Dusoulier of

I was particularly intrigued by this cookbook as I found dining out in France rather difficult as a vegetarian and I therefore never really experiment with French-inspired food when cooking. This book has categorised its recipes by seasons and many recipes consist of ingredients that I’d never considered using together. I can’t wait to make the aubergine and fresh herb tabbouleh (p69), Corsican bell pepper stew (p85), mushroom broth with Parisisn gnocchi (p116), as well as the lentil croquettes (p176)!

Finally, from my boyfriend I received television’s Anjum Anand’s Indian Vegetarian Feast. Although I’ve yet to visit India, I adore authentic Indian cuisine and was able to sample some in Singapore’s Little India whilst on my most recent holiday. I love how much of Indian cuisine is completely vegetarian and this book consists of many simple, yet creative recipes from breakfast time to dinner time.

Yesterday I got the ball rolling and made the Keralan coconut curry, accompanied by classic yellow pilaf-recipe to follow later this week.

I often cook different types of veggie curries and always tell myself that next time I will make my own paneer and naan bread. I never do but this book makes it all look so simple! So I’ll definitely need to give it a try.

What a great birthday with some lovely gifts from some lovely people. This will keep me busy with blogging material…until Christmas at least!


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