Meet me at The Veggie Table


My older brother and his partner visited me from North Wales this weekend and I was keen to show them some of the things that I love most about London. Inevitably, most of these things are centred around food and I knew that a visit to Borough Market was essential.

One of London’s most renowned food markets, Borough offers a range of organically sourced British and international cuisine. Stall upon stall of weird and wonderful food, the market provides ample choice for omnivores. As a vegetarian, the choices are somewhat limited but I still enjoy soaking up the atmosphere of this busy and bustling food market.

After a few laps of the market, it was time to make the all important decision; which stall to buy food from. For me, my choice was easy and I headed straight to The Veggie Table. With a stall at Broadway Market also, The Veggie Table offer healthy, wholesome, vegetarian and vegan food in the form of burgers and salads. No risk of any meat cross-contamination here!

The aromas from this stall were heavenly and unsurprisingly, the queue was rather long. At The Veggie Table you can choose to have your burger in a bun, on salad…or both! Dips and sauces on offer include hummus, salsa and red onion jam. I opted for the vegan-friendly organic super veg burger, made with vegetables, nuts, sultanas, quinoa and cumin. I had it served up in a bun with lots of delicious hummus!

After presuming that my brother had gone off to eat a load of meat somewhere, I was pleasantly surprised to also see him at The Veggie Table; he fancied sampling something different to what he might normally opt for. He chose the heavenly halloumi burger, made with halloumi (obviously!) carrots, courgettes, mint and coriander, with the tomato salsa. There was no holding back as he opted for the fresh salad as well!


So if you haven’t done so already, I’d strongly recommend eating at The Veggie Table next time you visit Borough or Broadway Market, appealing to veggies, vegans and meat-eaters alike! Now I can’t wait until Christmas time when they offer up their tasty nut roasts…!



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