Ode to a sweet potato chip


I’ve always thought of ‘chips’ as quite a dirty word. When I hear it, I conjure up images of a hectic McDonalds scene or a big, greasy bag of newspaper. Chips were always something I tried avoiding eating too often from the age of 15; I was plagued with a fear of obesity and/or acne. To cut it short, chips are bad for you, end of story.

In recent years, I’ve used sweet potatoes on an increasingly frequent basis. Curries, casseroles, salads. Given their health benefits, I’m surprised that everyone hasn’t completely traded in starchy white potatoes for them. Sweet potatoes include vitamin C, D and iron; something which many vegetarians unknowingly lack in their diet. For further reading on the health benefits of sweet potatoes, visit http://www.care2.com/greenliving/9-reasons-to-love-sweet-potatoes.html.

Given their healthiness and versatility, it only makes sense to use them to make chips. Now this is something I’ve fought many a losing battle with. How difficult can it be to produce the perfect sweet potato chip?! I thought that drowning them in olive oil was the key to forming the crispy outer layer. Sadly, all that left me with was a soggy mess. Still, I persevered and I can now confidently say that I know how to make the perfect sweet potato chips!

Now I would love to say that this is an achievement I acquired through my own hard graft. But that would be a lie. I took the tips from the Instructables website. Nevertheless, a major part of my culinary habits have been revolutionised and I’ll never look back. Some of the key tips I picked up from this website include:-
• leaving the skin on- after all, that’s where most of the nourishment is contained.
• Use MINIMAL oil. This will stop the chips from turning soggy.
• Spreading out the chips on a baking tray will allow them adequate space to cook beautifully.
• Even a small sprinkling of salt and black pepper will make a world of difference to the flavour.
• Pre-heat the oven to 200c. Leave the chips in for 15 minutes then flip them over and cook for another 10 minutes.

The beauty of these babies is that you can add them to so many meals! I find them particularly useful to create a bit of a ‘pub grub’ vibe at home. Some recent dishes where my sweet potato chips have acted as an accompaniment include a homemade mushroom stroganoff and salad…

And that classic; portobello mushroom and halloumi ‘burgers’.


So what are you waiting for?! Switch to sweet potatoes today; your health will thank you for it!



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