Broadway Bliss


It was a Saturday morning. The sun was shining (sporadically at least). My tummy was rumbling. There was only one place I wanted to be; the quirky and eclectic Broadway Market. It had been several weeks since I’d last frequented my favourite corner of Hackney and I was in great need of some fresh, organic veggie food.

Veering off the very busy Mare Street, arriving at Broadway Market often feels like arriving at another world. In a city where EVERYONE is in a hurry, the opposite can be said for this area. Whilst undoubtedly still busy, no-one at the market ever appears to be in a rush. Pubs are overflowing with denim-clad hipster types sipping their Bulmers (who said midday is too early for a drink?!). Vintage looking ladies ride around on their even more vintage looking bicycles without a care in the world. The pavements are lined with smiley market-goers sipping on a can of beer and munching on some freshly bought food. Everyone is happy. Everyone looks like they could stay there all day. Live music fuels the happy-go-lucky, laid back atmosphere of Broadway Market.

Vintage clothing, books, flowers and handmade jewellery are just a few of the types of stalls here.


However, after skipping breakfast (terrible, I know) there was only one thing I was interested in….FOOD! I was in awe of these tomato focaccias and just had to buy one for the road.

Leaving my boyfriend at the hog roast stall (sigh), I perused the many organic fruit and veg stalls and was particularly impressed with the juicy looking tomatoes and olive selection.





Still deliberating over which type of street food to purchase, I was torn between a burger from The Veggie Table

Some Eastern European and Middle Eastern-style food from Zakuski

Or an Indian thali from Gujarati Rasoi

Eventually, the smells of coriander and cumin became too enticing for me so I just had to opt for a thali. A creature of habit, this is my regular choice when visiting the market. The curries included mixed veg, potato and spinach and a dhal, along with rice and all the trimmings.


We then went to relax in London Fields where I managed to polish off my thali in record time. Not only was it ridiculously delicious but I was also ridiculously hungry! Basking in the early September sunshine, my boyfriend and I reflected upon what a lovely day it had been. Then the inevitable happened. It started pouring down. We ran for cover but I don’t think it was as easy for the poor group of people near us who were enjoying a barbeque…!


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