The Shoreditch Grocery


Always on the look out for places to buy varied vegetarian and health foods, I was delighted to stumble upon The Grocery on Kingsland Road a while back. This is a large and spacious store which sells a wide range of organic and fair trade foods, as well as plenty of vegetarian and vegan substitutes. I came across types of food that I hadn’t encountered before and ended up perusing the aisles for a good 45 minutes before I actually bought anything. Here’s a few things that looked particularly appealing to me…

Different brands of tofu, including ready marinated variations


Vegetarian chorizo! Something I’d never encountered before…


A selection of kale chips


A huge selection of whole wheat and spelt pasta, including tofu-filled whole wheat tortellini! I was particularly impressed with this; I tend to eat a lot of pasta and often opt for the whole wheat variety for the health benefits. However, selections are usually extremely limited in standard supermarkets.


I found the olive tubs to be really reasonably priced at approximately £1.75 and the variety included pitted, Mexican, chilli and barbeque marinated.


The Grocery also have a selection of teapots and ceramics for sale!


At the back of the store there is even a cafe which has a brilliant food menu. Unfortunately, as I took so long deciding what food to buy I ran out of time but will definitely pop in next time I go shopping at The Grocery!

So what did I eventually buy?


Some vegetarian cheeses, freshly baked bread, vegetarian ham (which Ill be using to cook tonight), whole wheat conchiglie pasta, olives and tempeh. This is a fermented soy product which is chewier and more flavoursome than tofu. I first tasted it in Bali and have subsequently found it difficult to buy. I’ll be using it in my attempt at a Balinese curry later on this week.


So whether you want a change to the standard supermarkets or just fancy sampling some alternative food, The Grocery in Shoreditch is well worth a visit!

54-56 Kingsland Road
E2 8DP


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