Brick Lane Life


Ah Brick Lane. The street where carrying a Nikon camera around one’s neck is a must. The street that’s so cool, even the dogs wear sunglasses (no word of a lie-I witnessed a total of three dogs in shades the other day). It was on this very street that I, two days ago, discovered Life.

Now when I say ‘Life’, this is not me getting all philosophical and/or spiritual. I literally found Life in the form of what can be described as a ‘creative lifestyle space’, providing healthy whole foods, music, art and even yoga sessions! As I bumped (literally-I’m ridiculously clumsy) into this menu, being a vegetarian food obsessive meant a visit was essential!

The exposed brick work, green lighting and wall paintings gave this place a serene and calming ambiance. I visited around 2pm where there were only a couple of other people in there, making it all the more relaxing.


The menu wasn’t exclusively vegetarian (I saw a mackerel option on there) but the vast majority of it was. Some of the salad options were highly enticing (halloumi and rocket-yum) but I was just in the mood for a snack so opted for babaganoush and kale crackers. The babaganoush was perfect and the fresh dill gave it a further depth of flavour. The kale crackers were really interesting; possibly not to everyone’s liking but they’ve definitely inspired me to experiment more with kale.

To my delight, Life offers a selection of cocktails. Tempted as I was by a mojito, given the time of day I thought it more appropriate to choose from the smoothie selection instead. I opted for a ‘mood-enhancer’ (those who know me, insert joke here) which comprised of blueberries, strawberries, banana, yogurt and cacao powder. My snacks and smoothie came to around £7 which was very reasonable considering how healthy it left me feeling. Whilst my own dabble with yoga was somewhat short-lived (3 weeks to be precise), I feel it may be time to rediscover my downward dog and consider the yoga sessions at Life.

So next time you visit Brick Lane, veer away from those persistent curry house workers and discover Life. Whether it’s food, drink, music or art you’re after, Life has something to suit everyone.

Life Shoreditch
The Old Truman Brewery
Brick Lane
E1 6RU



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