A veggie with a view

Yesterday was my boyfriend’s 30th birthday. As an architect, there’s nothing he likes more than admiring buildings. Apart from food of course. Therefore I thought what better way to celebrate this milestone birthday than by taking him somewhere with a great view of the city, as well as some posh nosh.

I did my research online and it seemed as if vegetarians don’t go to fancy restaurants. Ever. I looked up the restaurants at the Shard as well as the Heron Tower but not one of them provided vegetarian options. I’m sure if I asked nicely at one of those places they’d have whipped me up a plate of vegetables…then charged me £30 for the privilege. I knew that Tom wouldn’t enjoy his night if I was fussing over my food. As I’d just about resigned to the thought that we’d have to settle for a Brick Lane curry, I stumbled upon the menu for the OXO Tower Brasserie. They had vegetarian options. Several of them! I booked it online and last night Tom was very pleased with his birthday surprise.

We had cocktails at the bar first and were then escorted to our table on the terrace, overlooking the river with stunning views of St Paul’s.

The service was incredible, a very luxurious experience. As we sipped on a beautiful red and nibbled on bread, I was handed my very own vegetarian and vegan menu!

As Tom talked buildings and bridges, I had the very difficult decision of deciding what to eat. It was exciting to have some delicious sounding options to choose from. Eventually I decided to start with these flavoursome marinated artichokes, romoseco and grilled padron pepper bruschetta.

After polishing that off, I opted for the grilled polenta with braised fennel and smoked tomato pomodoro. Just look at the presentation!

Without a single crumb left on our plates, we were far too full for dessert and were more than happy to finish our wine and watch the sunset over the Thames.

This was definitely no cheap evening out but worth every penny for the service, views, ambiance and food of an exceptional standard. If you fancy treating yourself, I’d highly recommend the OXO Tower Brasserie. Appealing to both meat-eaters and vegetarians and vegans!



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