Amico Bio: Vegetarian Organic Italian Restaurant



Ever on the look out for new veggie places to dine out, I came across this beauty by sheer luck. I went past the Holborn restaurant on the bus the other day and when I googled it, I discovered they had a restaurant near the Barbican as well.

My boyfriend and I chose to dine at the Barbican restaurant last night as it was very close to his work. It’s a small place, tucked away on a quiet street. The restaurant itself is small with a calm, intimate atmosphere which made the dining experience all the more pleasant.

Now when I read menus, my eyes are automatically drawn to the very few options with a ‘v’ next to them, making my decision of what to order very easy. It’s so liberating to come to a restaurant where I could potentially have ANYTHING on the menu. We ordered a large and varied bread basket to nibble on whilst I decided.

After much deliberation, I opted for a roasted aubergine, vegan mozzarella and rocket salad which was beautifully presented. I was really impressed with the vegan mozzarella and don’t think I’d have noticed the difference. Tom had the risotto balls with a tomato sauce to start which he, as a meat-lover, fully enjoyed.

Next came the main courses. Being a cheese and pasta obsessive, I predictably went for ravioli with scarmoza cheese and sundried tomatoes with a tomato sauce. I’d never had scarmoza cheese before; it has a similar texture to mozzarella and was smoked so it added a really interesting flavour to the ravioli. My boyfriend chose tempura vegetables with sweet and sour sauce. He was expecting something quite small but the portion was huge, served in a paper cone. The tempura was a bit rich for my liking but despite the size, he was able to finish it all with little help from me!

After all that, we were far too full to even contemplate dessert. Our bill was around £47 which was quite reasonable considering we had a decent bottle of wine with the meal. All in all we had a lovely evening so thanks, Amico Bio. I’ll be visiting their Holborn restaurant next time to see how they compare!

Amico Bio, Barbican
44 Cloth Fair
City of London





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